What is Bone Broth?

Bone Broth is a beverage that has been consumed for thousands of years throughout different cultures. Bone Broth is typically made with bones and can contain a small amount of meat adhering to the bones. As with stock, bones are typically roasted first to improve the flavor of the bone broth. Bone broths are simmered for a very long period of time (24-72 hours), with the purpose being not only to produce gelatin from collagen-rich joints but also to release vitamins and minerals from bones. At the end of cooking, the bones should crumble when pressed lightly between your thumb and forefinger.

Our Bone Broth is Hand made, chilled to temp, packaged and frozen immediately. We do not use any preservatives or high heat pasteurization.

How do I use Bone Broth?

That is the great thing about Bone Broth, it is VERY versatile. If you are looking to heal an ailment, such as leaky gut, inflammation, chronic pain it is recommended to drink bone broth on a regular basis generally a 6-8oz per day. You can also cook with it! Bone Broth is a perfect add on to smoothies or a substitute to boxed stocks for any recipe. Think of it as another way for your body to receive vitamins & minerals. BONUS! We do not add any salt to our broths.

If I am drinking Bone Broth on a daily basis, how much should I order for the subscription service?

If you plan on drinking an 8oz glass per day, based on our 24oz spout pouches, you would need 2-3 bags per week. Some prescribers want their patients to drink 2- 8oz glasses per day, in which case you would need 5 bags per week.

What are the Benefits of drinking Bone Broth?

Oh boy….where do we start? The benefits are vast, so consider this a cliff notes version- Bone broth contains valuable minerals in a form your body can easily absorb and use. Bone Broth boosts the immune system, aids in fighting inflammation, strengthens bones, aids in digestion and this is naming a few benefits of this Rockstar broth. Bone Broth contains calcium (your heart, muscles and nerves need calcium to function properly), magnesium (detoxification, energy production, and the formation of healthy bones and teeth) phosphorus (regulate hormones, keeps bones and teeth healthy, improves digestion), silicon (strengthens bones, aids in digestion, boosts immune system) chondroitin (joint-supporting it helps rebuild cartilage naturally and boosts recovery of tissue after injury or exercise.), glucosamine (helps with inflammation), and a variety of trace minerals.

What kind of Bones do you use?

We use 100% grass Fed/Finished Beef Bones and pasture raised Chicken & Turkey Bones from Organic Farms. Our Bison roam on 250 acres of farm 365 days a year, they eat what mother nature provides to them. All of the animals are treated ethically and are humanely raised, without the use of antibiotics, grains or corn. We have close relationship with our farmers, the farms are located within 70 miles of our kitchen.

Where can I purchase your Bone Broth?

You can purchase our Bone Broth Online, we even offer Subscriptions for your convenience! We are available at all 22 Heinen’s locations, Advanced Spinal Care, Miles Market, Rego’s Lake Rd. Market, Rego Brothers, Strongsville, The Mustard Seed Stores, Whitefeather Meats, Local Roots Ashland & Wooster, All the Dorothy Lane Market stores, Both Jungle Jim Stores, Kriegers Health Foods Market and Vince & Joes Deli in Shelbyville, MI

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